Serverless – Introduction [1]

This post is one in the cycle of posts related to serverless topic. To check all of them go to serverless category. Introduction Serverless is currently the biggest hype of IT industry – everyday more and more posts / videos / speeches are created around this topic; moreover there is a conference embracing only the… Continue reading

Train riding and temporal model

Post is based on Szymon Scooletz Kulec post’s about temporal model – Riding a train and reading Szymon’s post inspired me to write a post, how I would model the domain of train ticket booking. Topic is similar – first thought about train ticket reservation would be to model train’s ride as aggregate. But… Continue reading

Dynamic model validation with Fluent Validation

Sometimes, there is a need to implement dynamic model in your application to handle sophisticated user requirements. For example, in online store there is an option for administrator to define dynamic fields for the products. Then, employees of this store can use these dynamic fields for adding new information for theirs products. Naturally, such dynamism should not allow to insert invalid data – everything should… Continue reading