Event Storming – retrospection

Event Storming is a workshop which makes it easier to understand business domain and to translate it into an architecture of the application. It was first described by Alberto Brandolini in his blog post, in November 2013. I won’t elaborate on what it is and how to conduct this workshop – there are plenty of materials on the Internet…. Continue reading

“Building Microservices” by Sam Newman – book review

TD DR: Mandatory book for every developer who wants to work with microservices. Microservices architecture is a trend in a modern software, which is currently implemented across our whole IT industry. Unfortunately, people started applying microservices without any greater understanding of how they should do it. It ended with massive collapses and posts like “The death of microservice madness”. To avoid such… Continue reading

DevConf 2017

DevConf (former DevDay) has ended. It was a great event with interesting presentations and inspiring people who were always willing to argue on some important topics like “Why repositories are evil” 😉 Even if I was slightly discouraged by machine learning’s panels (they weren’t targeted to developers) it was intriguing to check how you can… Continue reading