DevConf 2017

DevConf (former DevDay) has ended. It was a great event with interesting presentations and inspiring people who were always willing to argue on some important topics like “Why repositories are evil” 😉 Even if I was slightly discouraged by machine learning’s panels (they weren’t targeted to developers) it was intriguing to check how you can… Continue reading

CQRS in 4 steps – Lightning talk

I finished work on my lightning talk about “CQRS in 4 steps” and successfully presented it to my company‘s folks. You can find slides from my presentation on Slideshare and download it from my OneDrive to get my inside notes 😉 Also, you can check my blog posts: splitting code to commands and queries introducing simple read model creating read… Continue reading

CQRS – First step – Split to commands and queries

This post series is driven by my lightning talk about how to introduce CQRS to your project. I thought that would be good to explain this topic further for people who won’t be attending my presentation.ople who won’t be attending my presentation. I will write about: splitting code to commands and queries introducing simple read model creating read model synchronously creating… Continue reading

PowerApps – few words against

For my client I wanted to add option to create quality complaint just from mobile device – run camera and take few photos, add some description and push it to world. I heard that PowerApps are very good for such functionality – they are cross-platform, mostly clickable without knowledge how device operation system runs, you need only to… Continue reading

Serverless – Introduction [1]

This post is one in the cycle of posts related to serverless topic. To check all of them go to serverless category. Introduction Serverless is currently the biggest hype of IT industry – everyday more and more posts / videos / speeches are created around this topic; moreover there is a conference embracing only the… Continue reading