DevConf 2017

DevConf (former DevDay) has ended. It was a great event with interesting presentations and inspiring people who were always willing to argue on some important topics like “Why repositories are evil” 😉 Even if I was slightly discouraged by machine learning’s panels (they weren’t targeted to developers) it was intriguing to check how you can… Continue reading

CQRS in 4 steps – Lightning talk

I finished work on my lightning talk about “CQRS in 4 steps” and successfully presented it to my company‘s folks. You can find slides from my presentation on Slideshare and download it from my OneDrive to get my inside notes 😉 Also, you can check my blog posts: splitting code to commands and queries introducing simple read model creating read… Continue reading

CQRS – First step – Split to commands and queries

This post series is driven by my lightning talk about how to introduce CQRS to your project. I thought that would be good to explain this topic further for people who won’t be attending my presentation.ople who won’t be attending my presentation. I will write about: splitting code to commands and queries introducing different data access creating simple read model creating… Continue reading